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Bouncy Castle Hirers Insurance

Bouncy Castle & Inflatables Hirers Insurance

What is Bouncy Castle Hirers Insurance?

This is insurance policy that provides cover for the risks facing a Bouncy Castle and Inflatable Hiring business. Bouncy Castle are great fun and brilliant way for children and adults alike to let loose and burn some energy. However like all physical activities there is always the risk of injury and inflatables themselves can be dangerous if not properly set up, in the right weather conditions and in line with Health and Safety legislation. For a business then having proper insurance protection is paramount. 

Coverage can be tailored to the specific needs of each business the but commonly cover is included for:



Other Coverages that can be added:

We are also able to obtain one day event cover quotes for your clients who have hired a bouncy castle.

Is Bouncy Castle and Inflatables Insurance compulsory?

Aspects of insurance are compulsory such as Employer’s Liability whereas others provide protection and resilience for the business if there is an accident or claim against the business.


There have been some very serious and, sadly, fatal accidents involving Inflatables in recent years. It is vital that all bouncy castle and inflatable hirers and operators adhere to the BS EN 14960 safety guidance and have the equipment inspected annually by an organisation supported by the HSE, for more information see

The risk involved are such that whilst not mandatory, having public liability insurance is a must to protect both the business and clients if an accident should occur. For limited Companies, Directors & Officers cover is highly recommended.

Where can I get a Bouncy Castle and Inflatables Insurance quote?

Contact us or call 0203 432 0270 and we will talk you through the options.