Craft Insurance

What is Craft insurance?


This is a tailored insurance policy that provides cover for the most common risks facing businesses that make adn sell their goods on a relatively small scale such as art, jewellery, homeware, clothing, toys, cosmetics, candles and a multitude of other goods. Exactly what your insurance policy covers depends on the types of products you create and how you sell them. Policies commonly provide public liability cover for selling at craft fairs, markets and pop ups.

Coverage can be tailored to the specific needs of the but commonly cover is included for:


  • Premises whether owned, leased or working from home.

  • Tools and Equipment

  • Business Contents and Computer Equipment

  • Stock

  • Cover for any other assets

  • Goods in transit


Other Coverages that can be added:

  • Business Interruption

  • Personal Accident

Is Craft insurance compulsory?

Aspects of an e-commerce insurance policy are compulsory such as Employer’s Liability whereas others provide resilience for the business. 

Craft fairs and trade shows will often require that you have public liability insurance in place to before they accept you as a vendor. 

Products liability is a must have. Ultimately as the maker of products, should they cause injury, illness or damage to property you as the maker will be held liable. Read more about products liability  

If you sell your products mainly online then cyber risks insurance is a good idea. If your website is your shop front and that is hacked and corrupted leaving you unable to take new or fufil existing orders your business could be crippled. You can read more about cyber risks insurance here.

Where can I get a craft insurance quote?

Contact us or call 0203 432 0270 and we will talk you through the options.