Insurance for Jewellery Makers and Designers


What is Jewellery Makers and Designers insurance?


This is a package insurance policy that provides cover for the most common risks facing Jewellery Designers and Makers. 

Due to the high value nature of the materials and stock for fine jewellery standard insurance policies often don't provide the necessary coverage required. 

Coverage can be tailored to the specific needs of each business and type of jewellery they make and sell that they offer but commonly cover is included for:


Assets and other risks

  • Materials including precious metals and stones

  • Finished Stock and Goods in Trust

  • Tools and Equipment

  • Computers and other electronic equipment

  • Other Business Contents

  • Money on the Premises

  • Fidelity (Employee Dishonesty)

  • Business Interruption

  • Legal Expenses

Additional Coverages that can be added

  • Cyber Liability insurance

  • Critical Illness or Key worker Insurance

  • Management Liability

Is Jewellery Makers and Designers Insurance compulsory?

Aspects of this Insurance policy are legally compulsory such as Employer’s Liability if you have employees.

Jewellery making can include the use of blow torches, soldering equipment or chemical processes insurers do see it as an enhanced risk along with the stock and materials being high risk for theft being very valuable and small enough to be easily taken by thieves. 

Having a comprehensive insurance policy in place will ensure that your business can survive the financial impact of a theft or fire or even a products liability claim. 


Where can I get Jewellery Makers and Designers Insurance quote?

Contact us or call 0203 432 0270 and we will talk you through the options.