Manufacturing Insurance

What is Manufacturing insurance?

This is a tailored package insurance policy that provides cover for the most common risks facing manufacturers. There are common risks that all manufacturing businesses face even though their products can be as diverse as homeware, chemicals, electronics, tools, machinery, food and a multitude of other goods. Exactly what your insurance policy covers depends on what you are creating, the process involved and the raw materials used.

Coverage can be tailored to the specific needs of the but commonly cover is included for:



Other Coverages that can be added:

Is Manufacturing insurance compulsory?

Aspects of your insurance policy are compulsory such as Employer’s Liability whereas others provide resilience for the business. Insuring your premises and tools & machinery are vital to ensure that you have some financial protection if there is an unfortunate event like a fire or flood.

In the EU products liability claims rest with the manufacturer so protection is absolutely vital along with consideration for product recall and in some case product guarantee insurance. Read our recent blog on products liability for more information.

If you are importing and exporting goods then there are a number of considerations to ensure your goods are protected both when they are coming to you and when you are sending them to clients. Where you are sending or sourcing goods from has a major impact on the cost and extent of products liability insurance that you need and you may want to consider if you need to invest in products recall insurance, especially if you are also a maker or manufacturer.

Where can I get a Manufacturing insurance quote?

Contact us at or call 0203 432 0270 and we will talk you through the options.