Hosting Refugees - Home & Motor Insurance Update

If you have applied to host refugees displaced by the War in Ukraine, check with your home insurer and motor insurer to see whether your insurer requires you to declare that you have additional people living with you and to see whether your insurer will view them as Guests or Tenants.

If you plan to allow access and use to your vehicle you will need to contact your insurer to add them as a driver or if you have an "any drivers" policy to check that the conditions allow for overseas licences.

Some insurers, for example Aviva, have already made statements to brokers.

"For all Aviva Private Clients home insurance policies, they will treat refugees as guests, and your clients don’t need to tell you, or Aviva, if they’re housing refugees in their homes. They will be covered by the policy in the same way as guests staying in their homes. Please see the following Q&A from Aviva for more details:

Are Ukrainian refugees covered under my client’s home policy?

  • Yes. Aviva will include cover for any refugees that comes to live temporarily with your client. Cover will start the moment the refugee arrives at your client’s property. You do not need to notify Aviva and no additional premiums will be charged.

What cover will be in force?

  • Refugees will benefit from contents cover for their belongings up to the current policy amounts insured, in accordance with the policy schedule, policy wording and endorsements. There is no cover for the refugees with regards to – liability, property emergencies, personal emergencies, travel, legal solutions, home breakdown or emergency solutions. These additional covers remain in force for the Insured and no additional exclusions will apply to any other part of the policy.

Is my client covered if they house refugees at any additional properties named on the schedule?

  • Yes, the same rules apply as for question 1, if refugees are staying at any residence listed on your client’s policy schedule.

If my client accepts the £350 Government funding for hosting refugees, does this have any impact on their cover?

  • No, this does not affect cover in any way.

Is this just for refugees from Ukraine?

  • Aviva’s stance is in response to the government scheme in relation to refugees who have been displaced by the Ukrainian crisis. However, Aviva have taken the decision to extend this to their home insurance customers who choose to host refugees from other countries.

Is there any cover provided under my motor policy?

  • Yes. Where cover is provided on an ‘any driver’ basis there is no need for any refugee to be named under the policy. They will be able to drive your client’s vehicles with your client’s permission, provided they hold a driving licence that is valid for use in the UK. Please see this article for information on non-UK driving licences."

The position stated by Aviva may not be the same as for other insurers so do check with you Insurance Broker or with your insurer directly to check their stance on your cover. If you need assistance please contact Forster Cameron Insurance Brokers Ltd

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