Product Recall

What is product recall insurance?

Product recall insurance responds to situations where a manufacturer or supplier becomes aware of a safety critical issue with a product. This could be the result of inadequate design, faulty manufacture, inadequate instructions, mislabelling, contamination or damage prior to supply.

Cover varies depending on the insurer and the type of business buying cover but broadly, cover includes


  • the cost associated with a product recall for example contacting customers,

  • recalling and disposing of the products and stock,

  • replacement where appropriate,

  • investigating and rectifying the source of the recall.

  • In in some cases loss of revenue by way of business interruption cover and

  • funds for brand and reputation management. 

What types of business need Product Recall insurance?

Manufacturers and suppliers for a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, cleaning and chemical products, nutraceuticals, automotive components, consumer products, electronics and many others.

Is Product Recall insurance compulsory?

No but an uninsured product recall can financially cripple a business. High profile product recalls have involved the mislabelling of allergens on food packaging, shards of glass in baby food, electronics combusting and automotive parts failing. 

Product recall insurance protects a business from the financial impact of a recall,  paying costs incurred by the business for losses to its assets and revenue, as well as costs that the business is liable to third parties for.

Where can I get a Products Recall quote?

To find out if Product recall insurance is right for your business contact us on 0203 432 0270 or send a message